The 101 on Architects and What They Do As Explained by an Architecture Firm in Chennai

Few genuinely understand who an architect is and what their responsibilities are.New York architects To this end, an architecture firm in Chennai answers some of the commonly asked questions. An art and a science, architecture is the field that designs buildings and places where individuals can work, live, play, and eat.

A person trained to plan and design spaces that can be occupied by people is an architect. They are also licensed to create functional areas. Generally, their work encompasses everything, i.e., creating the concept of the building to constructing the design into reality. The principal role of an architect is to bring to life the vision or dream of a client while ensuring the requirements of those who will occupy the space

One of the obligations of an architect is to keep the well-being and safety of occupants a priority which means a rudimentary knowledge of construction is vital. Because an architect participates in all phases of building, i.e., from conception to opening, they require practical information on construction. Though it should be noted that architects are not meant to be experts on building, it is why complex projects necessitate collaborations between architects and engineers.

A quick method to finding out if a person is an architect or not is to find out if they have construction knowledge – those who don’t are most often designers and artists. As stated above, the job of an architect is all-encompassing. They play a crucial role in each period of the project’s construction. From the time pen is put to paper to draw the building till the time the ribbon is cut, architects oversee the project. Sometimes, even after completion architects continue to work on the project. This is usually to develop the area surrounding the building or to keep it in good repair. The key responsibilities of an architect can be divided into three legs:

An architect has to pass a registration exam to be licensed to work. It is similar to a bar exam that lawyers need to clear. An architectural designer doesn’t need to pass the same registration test. Therefore, an architectural designer is not licensed and deals with just the design end and not the construction side of the project. The work of an architect is not limited to the design of a building. A licensed professional is responsible for the safety of the people and overseeing every aspect of the project. It signifies that when it comes to designing and planning, you need an architect who has experience and knowledge under their belt.

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