Building Custom Log Homes? Here is Why You Should Use a Licensed Architect

A great log home (or any custom home for that matter) starts with quality professional design. Hiring a licensed top residential architects in Florida is your best bet and will ensure a better design and a successful building project.Many people fancy themselves to be good designers and undoubtedly, some are.

Anyone can call themselves a “residential designer” with or without any education or experience in the field and most jurisdictions will accept plans prepared by non-certified designers. The danger is that a non-licensed designer may have fragmented knowledge about the building process without fully addressing all areas of responsibility.

Only architects licensed through examination have dedicated themselves to years of rigorous study, education and requirements. A licensed architect has a comprehensive knowledge that brings together artistic design with safety, environmental and energy concerns and sound building practices. In addition, licensed architects are required to complete continuing education every year keeping them up to date with the latest design and building practices.

Most licensed architects are members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).
The AIA is a professional organization that supports architects. Members adhere to a code of ethics and professional conduct that assures the client, the public, and colleagues of an AIA-member architect’s dedication to the highest standards in professional practice.

In addition, the AIA has developed a comprehensive set of construction contract documents developed over more than 100 years of building experience. Using AIA prepared contract documents with your general contractor and subcontractors is a path that has proven successful over many years of experience.

Licensed architects are members of a community of professionals. Most stand behind their work and are typically insured to protect themselves and their clients against financial loss during construction. Many states require licensed architects to have insurance against errors and omissions. A non-licensed designer will most likely not have this insurance protection resulting in a financial loss for clients

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