Smoke Detectors and the Rechargeable 9V – Revisited

Although in recent times, the use of 9V batteries in portable electronics has declined, you can still find a plethora of household devices involving these cells. As you may be aware, the new low self-discharge feature of the Max-E battery makes it conducive to a large number of free fire top up. Basically, anywhere feel free to use an alkaline battery, you can use Max E batteries – and employ them up to 1000 times.

While this in itself is a tremendous savings, the genuine power of Max E technology is shown in the Ansmann 9V battery. First, the 9V Max E cell contains the same capacity as the normal rechargeable – 250 mah. This definitely makes the cell accessible for both high-drain and low drain applications. Max-E 9V’s works extremely well in high power RC cars, metal detectors, wireless mics, walkie-talkies, paintball guns, tens units and other medical devices, personal fans, as well as low-drain devices including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, in addition to guitar effects pedals, and audio visual equipment.

Many of us have heard the “warnings” with regards to the utilization of rechargeables in smoke detectors as a consequence of trouble with self-discharge from standard rechargeables. Basically, we would agree that the standard rechargeable battery really should not be employed for a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, etc. we would certainly advocate the effective use of the low-self discharge 9V cell — as these batteries maintain 85% of their power each year. Smoke detector batteries were made to be changed every half a year – well within the capabilities of a Max E 9V cell. In fact, realizing that the Max-E Batteries are rechargeable and need to be changed may actually stir families to get into the habit of changing them when they should – every six months.

Since we also advocate that families live “green” and totally switch their battery usage to zerowatt rechargeable technology, the family that converts to rechargeables is cognizant of the proper and effective use of max e low self discharge batteries.

Finally, because of the shift away from the use of 9V cells in electrical appliances and plenty of times it really is hard to come by a battery charger which also accommodates the 9V battery. The Ansmann Zerowatt Powerline 5 Battery Charger does allow for the charging of one 9V cell and makes it a total charger for all your household battery needs.

David Schliep is President of Horizon Battery and is dedicated to enlightening the world on the effective use of rechargeable batteries. He is an advocate green technology that also saves you green (dollars). Learn more how rechargeables can save you money and get David’s popular free report at Horizon Battery.

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