Foreclosure Scam Artists and Karma – Do You Know How to Spot a Scam?

This Foreclosure Rescue get scam refund has a feature in common with many others… That is the “up-front fee.” Never pay a fee in advance. Once a foreclosure scam artist has your money, he’s gone.There are people who have paid as much as $7000 in advance to scam artists for help with a loan modification. The foreclosure “specialist” promises half of the money back to the homeowner if the loan modification is unsuccessful.

Sometimes, the “rescuer” will call it a “partial payment” of his fee in advance. He may say he needs the money to cover your start up costs like court fees, attorney fees, survey costs, inspection costs, application fees. If you have already hired him, he may claim that he has paid certain fees for you and ask to be reimbursed. You feel a sense of obligation because you believe this guy has put up his own money to cover your expenses.

The fact is nothing has been done. Often, scammers generate fake invoices and documents that look authentic. So you don’t question the fees, you just pay what they say you owe them. There are many variations of this scam, but the common theme is the up-front fee. Also beware if you have hired someone who keeps coming to you with invoices for unexpected expenses.

Once the Con artist has the money, he takes no action to stop the foreclosure, but contacts the homeowner in a couple of weeks and says the loan modification did not go through. He returns half of the $7000, but he has done no work. He has, however, pocketed $3,500 of the homeowner’s money, and moves on to his next victim.

Never hire a foreclosure specialist who charges an up-front fee. And before you hire anyone, tell him that you prefer to pay all invoices and expenses directly to the vender, attorney, court, etc. Be advised, most fees associated with a loan modification (even fees paid to the foreclosure specialist) are paid at closing. It is rare to have to pay for surveys, court costs, title searches, etc. apart from closing.

If your “specialist” brings you an invoice for fees, call the vendor. If you are dealing with a foreclosure scam artist, the vendor may not even exist. If the vendor does exist, they may have had no dealings with your “specialist.” Fraudsters are everywhere, especially on the internet. There are ways to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate foreclosure specialist.

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