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Whiskey drinks are getting more and more popular these days,Top Whiskey Manufacturers Articlesboth among avid fans and young people. It is a fact of common knowledge that Irish whiskey is the most distributed, as it was decades jack daniel’s 12 year for sale. However, the production is conducted by numerous countries, basing on methods of ageing whiskey introduced in old times. The advancements in technology and technics enhanced massive manufacture and distribution in the market of alcohol drinks. Here is a list of top 5 countries engaged in whiskey industry.1

.Ireland is, probably, the oldest exporter of this strong drink. There are three main types of whiskey produced – pure pot still (pure alcohol from distilling cube), single malt and grain whiskey. Midleton factory is engaged in making pure pot still out of a mixture of barley and barley malt; the share of malt varies from 20 to 50 per cent that gives a wide range of whiskey items in the market. Single malt was quite popular until the 19th century, before taxes on malt were established. The variety of single malt is provided by Irish Distillers. Grained whiskey was made in distillation columns from whole grains, which previously were subjected to heat treatment and steaming, in order to extract soluble sugars. Although, the method of continuous distillation was invented and patented by Irish tax collector Aeneas Coffeyand and Coffey Still was first to build and to put into operation in Ireland,

the best use of this invention was recorded in Scotland. Various combinations of these whiskey types are called blended whiskey.2.In the United States to kinds of whiskey are popular. Straight whiskey is made of at least 51% of any one type of cereal, and the remaining 49% may consist of other cereals. The main cereals include corn, rye, wheat and barley. In this case, it is appropriate to point out Bourbon, Tennessee Sour Mash, Wheated Bourbon, Rye and Corn, Blended whiskey, in contrast, is a mixture of straight whiskey and some neutral grain spirit, or pure rectified.3.Scottish whiskey is pretty alike Irish, but it is based on old traditional methods and corresponds to Scotch Whisky Act 1988. There are three main whiskey drinks. Malt whiskey is prepared exclusively from malting barley, with the traditional “moonshine” method – double or sometimes triple distillation in onion-shaped copper stills. Grain whiskey is made of corn, wheat, barley, but with obligatory addition of barley malt (10%) – in the distillation apparatus of continuous cycle. Blend whiskey is certainly a set of previous types; in particular, the share of malt whiskey varies from 10 to 60%.

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