No truth in Qnet scam

The competition in this global online market is getting Report Scam and get your money back tougher each day and companies are fighting it out to outdo each other. In this attempt, they are trying to disrepute others who are garnering attention and trust of customers. Qnet too became a victim of this strategy and was maligned with fraud.

However, truth does prevail, and so the rumours of Qnet scam couldn’t last long. As much as social media propagated the allegations written by anonymous authors who did not wish to come out in the open and fight publicly, there were good points that outnumbered the bad.The news of Qnet scam spread like wildfire, raising doubts on the authenticity of the company’s products and services.

The company used social media to give out information, facts and updates to its Independent Representatives (IRs) and retail customers. However, it did not use this media as a mouthpiece to propagate itself and this pacified the existing customers steering clear the uncertainty surrounding the company’s functioning.

Qnet scam was also countered in the various blog posts written by independent representatives of the company as well as non-members who’ve experienced the positive services and approach of the company. However, there could be some IRs who may tend to mislead their prospects as they are eager to sign-up new customers and make some quick money.

But this practice isn’t endorsed by the company. In fact, they have an Ethical Marketing Guideline and Code of Ethics published and in public domain, which need to be mandatorily followed by all its members so that any wrong practices can be avoided.

Qnet has spread its reach to 160 countries worldwide and is growing more with each day. Ever since its inception in 1998 the company has enrolled over 2.5 million IRs worldwide. It has its interests in telecom, Radio and many others and also possesses the requisite licenses needed to work in all the countries it has reached. How then, could the scam reports be true?

If there is negative news floating in social media about the company, positive news is also crowding online sites and pages every day. If you are still not clear that Qnet scam was nothing but a tactic to show down the company, think again.

The company would have been forced to shut shop if it was wrong. Social media’s reach and power are on rise and if there are false rumours doing rounds they are muted by the positive work done by the company. It’s deeds and not mere words that the company believes in and is working towards. And the social media, namely, twitter, facebook, wordpress et al are all coming to the company’s rescue helping it regain its lost charm and reputation. Qnet scam has been proved false time and again.

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