HRIS and HRMS, What’s the Difference?

Perhaps the reason for so many terms for HRIS sms api is online advertising itself. The vendors who market online are constantly searching for new terms with which to rank well and attract vendors. There have been some vendors who have a brand strong enough to create their own terms and then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. The terms ‘Talent Management’ and ‘Talent Acquisition’ are the two best examples I have seen.

This improvement of terms by marketing gurus happens in other industries as well. My father owned a Chevy blazer known today as a sport utility vehicle. Now every auto manufacturer has jumped on the band wagon and uses the same term. The new term is cross over. What will the new term be for HR management software?

It seems like the more simple terms which may have been created by IT people or programmers slowly become replaced by more sophisticated terms created in the marketing world. An example is HR database versus human resource information system (HRIS) or applicant tracking software versus talent acquisition software.

– HR Software – It used to be enough to say you were looking for HR software. Well, not anymore. Now saying you are looking for HR software is sort of like saying you are hungry but not providing any idea of what you are hungry for. Think of the term HR software as all encompassing. It includes all of the terms used below.

– Personnel Software, Employee Software, HR Database, HR system – These were the common terms used to define what we know today as HRIS, HRMS or HRM software. These were terms likely created by programmers or technical people; in other words, non marketing people. These terms of yesterday seem to perceive smaller less sophisticated systems than the terms more commonly used today in HR software marketing.

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