How Chocolate Molds Can Sweeten Every Occasion, and How To Look After Them

For almost a hundred years, chocolates POLKADOT SHROOM BARS have brought a joyful sweetness to the world, and the many different varieties of chocolates shapes have made the world a more satisfying place. Some people say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but we all know their real best friends are chocolates. What girl can refuse the gift of a box of chocolates? I even found out my Mom said Yes when my Dad proposed with a huge heart-shaped chocolate.

I remember once volunteering to help a relative in her catering company. That day she was serving at her friend’s daughter’s 18th birthday party. She had laid out a table with a large chocolate fondue in the center, and a variety of chocolate shapes all around it. Every chocolate shape was different and intricate in detail. There was an amazing large tulip-shaped chocolate, a sleek sports car chocolate, a fashionable pair of shoes, a bow and a star.

I found out later my Aunt had made them herself, and so I asked her how she had learned this chocolate making skill. She told me that she had found a local shop that had chocolate molds for sale, and decided to see how they would turn out. Chocolate making at home was something she had not attempted before, but she was so amazed at the results that she has included them in her service ever since.

I was so interested in chocolate molds that I decide to find out more about them. They are specially shaped containers that you pour in melted chocolate and leave to set, to produce shapes as varied as your imagination. You can even make custom shaped molds at home from kits, or you can buy them ready made.

When buying molds for chocolate or candy making remember there are a wide range of qualities and prices available, so if you want the molded chocolate to look professional it is well worth paying that little bit more for a mold that will give ensure perfect shapes over and over again.When you find a mold which delivers outstanding chocolate shapes remember to look after it, and it will give you years of service.

After using your molds wash and rinse them meticulously, making sure that nothing is left behind. Check the sides of the molds and carefully remove any chocolate residues. Dry the molds carefully after washing, making sure no water is left behind as this may shorten the lifespan of the mold, particularly if it is made of metal. Keep them from being used as toys, which may damage the mold, and result in marks in the chocolate shape.

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