How can Smart SMS App Help Sales Reps Close More Sales Deals?

Home Page Displays Incoming marketing sms: Sales reps can view a list of incoming messages on the home page of the CRM by utilizing this robust app. This feature is extremely beneficial for Sales reps as they can take a glance at clients’ responses as they rarely miss out on any of their messages.the number to which they wish to send SMS, the number from which they wish to send, and the SMS template.

SMS Scheduler: Since sales reps keep a busy day in and out, it’s important to provide them with a solution that can help reduce their burden while improving organizational efficiency. This feature will allow sales reps to schedule the sending of SMS es by entering time, date, and picking the template in the Salesforce Org, and saving it. The SMS gets disbursed to selected recipients at the scheduled time automatically without the need for any manual intervention by the sales reps.

Auto Response: Promotional activities such as contests, surveys, etc. play a significant role in enticing customers. Sending SMS for business promotion or contests should always be coupled with an apt response from the customers. Having in place an autoresponder that can provide prompt response to customers is important. Smart SMS app can be leveraged to set-up Auto responses whenever customer responses match with the defined keywords then customers will automatically receive a response

SMS from Report: Salesforce allows users to create custom and standard reports basis the data which they want to see. Organizations usually prepare reports of the calls and emails that go unanswered by customers. These reports are leveraged by top management to create strategies and develop solutions that can maximize customer responses to calls and emails shared by sales reps. The ‘Send SMS using report’ feature helps sales reps to select the report,

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