Google Audio Ads – The Future of Radio Advertising?

If you are already familiar with Google,Google Audio Ads – The Future of Radio Advertising? Articles then you know what an effective tool it is when trying to target select marketing groups for your business. Google has recently updated Adwords to include radio ads that can be broadcast by hundreds of terrestrial and satellite radio stations. By filling out a simple form that asks questions about your target audience, where you would like the ad to air and how often, if you have a script, and your call to action, which is what you expect from the listener, you will be able to reach them quickly and easily. Each time your ad is aired, you will be charged for it. You can choose in advance how many times you want it aired.

When creating your radio ad, it is important to consider the following: * Audience * Call to action * Interesting script that grabs people’s attention TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE FOR BETTER TRAFFIC Your audience is made up of the people who are the most interested in purchasing the goods and service you’re offering. If you have been tracking your Adwords campaigns, then you should have a good idea of where the bulk of your traffic is coming from. Target your audience based on location, their music preferences, and time of day they will most likely be listening to the radio. USE CLEAR CALLS TO ACTION Your ad must have a call to action in order to be successful. Even if the purpose of your ad is to persuade people to take advantage of an online sale, you must make this known. People are more apt to follow-through when they understand the intent of the ad. CREATE A WINNING SCRIPT WITH A PRO WRITER If creating a radio script seems overwhelming,

Google has assembled a group of professional radio script writers who can develop a script based on what you want to include in the ad. When submitting your project, you will receive bids from various professionals. Depending on your budget and time constraints, you can choose the one that suits your needs. Scripts will be sent to your account upon completion. All you have to do is upload them to the radio ads form provided. Actors are available to read the lines in your script. The use of actors is a free service provided by Google. Most radio stations provide this service for free as well. TRACK YOUR RESULTS FOR MORE EFFECTIVE RESULTS Tracking when your ad aired, where it aired, and how often it airs are great tools to use when trying to find the best times to reach your audience. Use these tools to see where improvements can be made to will make your radio advertising campaign more effective. THE FUTURE OF RADIO ADVERTISING By making advertising on the radio less complicated, you may see an increase in the use of radio for advertising purposes. Most people listen to the radio at some point during the day, so it makes sense to target particular groups using a variety of advertising techniques including radio.

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